The DieselGate case in Brazil and overseas

Cases of customer disrespect

Over 25 years of the creation of brazilian’s Consumer’s Protection Code and the cases of disrespect continue to grow on the rankings.

The culture of disinformation added to the dubious practices of companies that provide service and commercialize products are responsible for putting Brazil in the top countries for complaints in consumer protection bodies.

Submerged in the tireless fight for at least 30 years, the lawyer Leonardo Amarante is considered a reference in the pursuit of reparations, both individual and collective, in the matter of consumer rights and protection.


Dieselgate case, of german Volkswagen

Between the many knows cases, one is very much notable: the DieselGate case, of the german company Volkswagen, in 2015.

After a vast investigation, it was confirmed that a system in Volkswagen cars was tampering the results of the emission tests for polluting gases. The automaker dived into a huge crisis and the fraud involved about 11 million cars moved by diesel fuel. This forced to company to make recalls and pay billionaire fines.

In Brazil, where over 17 thousand owners of the Amarok brand were injured, the office started a collective action against the automaker, representing ABRADECONT – Brazilian Association of Consumer’s and Worker’s Rights – and is still fighting for moral and physical reparations in court.

MP of Rio calls for 10 billion dollars

Recently, the Public Ministery of Rio appealed against the sentence that convicted the company to pay 1,4 billion to the owners of the pickup truck.

Now, the appeal is asking for 10 billion from the automaker, and still, it doesn’t come near to ¼ of the fine that the company was convicted to pay in the US, where the collective action contemplated 480.000 vehicles: 15 billion dollars.

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