Over 30 years of experience defending society

Leonardo Amarante Advogados Associados is considered one of the biggest offices in the country for civil responsibility, acting on the defense and effective moral and physical repair for the victims and their families, making sure they receive the right indemnity.

Acting Areas

We specialize on the fight for victim’s amends in over 20 areas of economy, from plane crashes to medical errors.

Through collective and individual actions, we make companies compensate and soften victims and families suffering, making it an example to other corporations.

Big Cases

We have acted on some of Brazil’s biggest cases of plane crashes, such as Gol, Tam and Air France accidents. Also, on environmental disasters such as the dam rupture of Samarco, in the city of Mariana – Minas Gerais.

In all those cases, we fought for years to make sure that the victims and their families got the right reparation.

In over 30 years of action, we have
helped thousands of victims.

Strengthening civil society through justice and comfort for

those families who suffered and that are still suffering.

people represented individually
segments of acting in civil responsability
collective actions

Our Team

We are proud to work with a highly qualified team, with national and international expertise to solve cases, and that works to legally guide the clients and soften crises, pursuing the right moral and physical reparations.


We understand that communication channels are an excellent and effective tool to generate visibility to the causes of our clients. It is through the press, social networks and other channels that we denounce abuses and mobilize society around causes that impact us all.


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