Beyond our acting in the various instances of the judiciary, the office is associated to Global Justice Network, an international entity that promotes access to foreign jurisdictions for citizens of various nationalities.

With the advent of globalization, more and more Brazilians travel abroad for business or tourism purposes. They are people who use interstate highways, shop in small stores and malls, consume products in restaurants, hire services of all kinds, and have fun in parks, ski resorts, cruises, and various other leisure options.

In the same way, foreigners travel to Brazil, for business or as tourists, and can also suffer serious accidents.

Aiming to meet the needs of Brazilians who had their rights violated on international trips, our firm formed partnerships with renowned law firms in the United States, Canada and Europe. Aiming at facilitating actions that are often left behind by the injured, either because there is no interest in the discussion or because they believe it is very difficult or costly to hire a lawyer abroad.

Our office can help you to exert your rights before American and European courts, clarifying your doubts about the American and European legal systems and enlightening important matters about the time and costs of the processes. Our work is guided by solving our client’s cases with agility and low costs.


Our partnerships are strategically made to guarantee fast action in the main touristic destinations in the US. See the names of our coordinative lawyers and paryner offices below:



Martin Blake
Walker, Hamilton, Koenig & Burbidge, LLP
50 Francisco Street,
Suite 460
San Francisco, CA 94133



Barry Friedman
The Friedman Law Firm P. A.
4800 North Federal Highway
Suite 100D
Boca Raton



The Green Law Firm
295 Madison Avenue
16th Floor
New York

Global Justice Network
Associação dos Advogados de São Paulo

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