Case Mariana and the Environmental Disaster

Disrespect for environmental laws

Brazil has a vast history of disrespect for environmental laws. There are innumerous organizations working in controversial segments and, many times, operating without following the basic health and safety requirements.

For decades, this has been one of our biggest causes: to identify both the passive and aggressive environmental impacts on society that, in most cases, has no way of defending or opposing their selves against the strength of the big organizations.

Our lawyers worked in two of the biggest cases of environmental damage of the last decades.


Guanabara Bay and Mariana City (MG)

The first was the leak of 1,3 million liters of fuel oil in the Guanabara bay in Rio de Janeiro during the first years of the 21st century, leaving 12 thousand people in a situation of vulnerability.

At the time, the office started a collective action with FEPERJ – Fisherman Federation of Rio de Janeiro – to charge heavy moral damage for the environmental and economic impact on the activities of the fishermen.

And, most recently, the dam rupture of Samarco in the city of Mariana, Minas Gerais, in 2015, when a huge flood of mud and waste destroyed the rich biodiversity of Rio Doce and it’s innumerous creeks that cross the states of Minais Gerais, Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

19 Deaths and Thousands of Victims

That sad episode ended the life of 19 people and took away the patrimony and source of income of thousands of fishermen represented by Leonardo Amarante’s office, trough the Federation of Colonies and the Association of Fishermen and Fisher Farmers of Espírito Santo (FECOPES).

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