Our Specialty

The quest for compensation for victims who have suffered harm is our institutional mission.

Other Acting Areas

We work in diverse segments and sectors of the economy, seeking reparations for moral and material damages.



The non-observance of safety regulations by companies is one of the main causes for construction accidents. Leonardo Amarante’s office sponsors hundreds of actions against such companies.



Victims of excesses in traffic deserve redress, once proven the malpractice, negligence or recklessness of the driver responsible for the accident.



The office has acted firmly in cases of work accidents, seeking redress for victims of accidents in the oil industry. Neglect, malpractice and recklessness, as well as lack of ethics, also cause medical errors, generating, like other professional errors, the right to full civil reparation.



Following the example of Construction, work accidents are also mostly because of the disrespect for the safety regulations and the task overload imposed on the worker.


Press Abuse

Free press is a basic principle of Democracy, but it’s bad use can cause damage to honor, image and private life of innocents. Victims of such abuse deserve due reparation.


Medical Error

Negligence, malpractice and recklessness, as well as lack of ethics, also result in medical errors. Like other professional errors, it is due compensation.


Moral Harassment and Bullying

The firm has the necessary experience to pursue reparation for the victims of such abuse, specially for those whose social and economic conditions are unfavorable compared to the responsable.


Bank Abuse

The abuses committed by financial institutions, in general, are examples of the lack of balance of contracts and commercial relationships made by big companies and regular population.


Collective Actions

In collective actions, we defend the interests and rights of consumers and several victims of major tragedies, bringing even more force in the search for fairer reparations reparations.


We understand that communication channels are an excellent and effective tool to generate visibility to the causes of our clients. It is through the press, social networks and other channels that we denounce abuses and mobilize society around causes that impact us all.


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